Thursday, November 13, 2008

New biz insights....

As I continue this lil thing called "The Small Business", I am amazed by new things I learn each day. Let me start this by saying it is wonderful to have started a new biz, but a little daunting as well. The amount of paperwork to the government, the new health insurance, upkeep on the websites, etc. Need I say more?
Being green and new to all of this has brought many insights! For instance, attending craft shows that sometimes have the same vendors....some you like, some leave something to be desired. Like the old gal who decided she liked my dolls (so much she asked where I got my patterns and fabric), who then started making them herself and selling them as well! WOW, can you say ballsy? I suppose my naivete came into play by telling her honest answers, but I thought I was being a NICE person. When she approached me about my scarves recently, I kept the lip zipped!! As a little FYI...her dolls are fluorescent colors and a little sore on the eyes, and I have not seen her sell a single one. (Thank God.)
I was not prepared for the ebb and flow of sales- sometimes you are so busy you cannot breathe and other times you are twiddling thumbs. My motto is to build up the inventory so that I am not "stuck" when I get multiple sales. I hope someday I will look back on this blog and laugh because these problems do not exisit...but for is what it is!

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