Sunday, October 5, 2008

TCM is the best channel ever....

I have had a wonderful Sunday full of relaxation and hanging out! Rarely does it seem that I am just sitting or lying on the couch. I am almost always cutting fabric, sewing at the machine or hand sewing faces on plushies. Not today! Oh no! Today involved me, the couch, my dogggies and the TCM movie channel. I absolutely adore old movies. Black and White or color. It reminds me of being home sick from school and having it on in the background while I recouperated. Just ask my mom....she is the one that shared her love of the oldies with me, first!
There is something about the filmmaking back then- the actors and actresses were so classy (ok, most of them), the directors were cutting edge for their time, and heck, for even present day (Alfred Hitchcock). If you havn't checked out Turner Classics lately, I suggest you do- there is something for everyone. Ask my husband- who sometimes prefers this channel over the testosterone laden SPIKE tv that men seem to love!! Who knew?

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