Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Great Idea for Gifts!

I know I have chatted about my friends who own Lotion Bar cafe- we have sold together at nearly every event this summer. (Not only can you save money by sharing space at markets- but you make fantastic friends.) I digress...these 2 gals from Lotion Bar make beautiful and luxurious handmade soap. Trust me, I have used their soap every day since I met them!

With the holidays approaching- if you are looking for a great gift for friends and family- look no further. The soap is affordable and easy to purchase. Take a gander at their etsy site, for just a small sampling of their soaps. I know that they will be continuously updating the online store- so keep checking it out. They do special orders and can prepare baskets as well. Trust me, you would be so very pleased with any of their products!

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