Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Arrrrgh Matey!

Good day to you all!
Sorry I have not posted in awhile! Seems that while I was out and about trying to make millions of dollars selling dolls- I have injured myself! I was in a freaky wind storm at one of my farmer's markets on Friday and got a bit of sand in the eye. I had to go to the dr. and was told I have a scratched cornea. Not fun. Well...ok...there is one fun thing out of the whole situation...an eye patch! Man, have the Popeye and Cyclops jokes been flying in my home. I figure I might as well have fun with the injury. This patch may have to carry on over into October...just in time for a great Halloween costume, right? I am already planning. Tee Hee.
While using one eye, I have managed to come up with some really darling pumpkins that I am going to post on etsy. Mind you, it is slow going...but there is some doll production going on. Will post the pics soon. Until then, Swab the decks and Shiver me timbers!
:) Sorry, I couldn't help myself!

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